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2015 Fall Colorado Championships Results

 November 14th & 15th, 2015 

115 Teams participated in the 2015 Fall Colorado Flag Football State Championships at The University of Colorado Boulder.  This 2 day event took place on the CU Athletic Practice Fields, Casey Middle School and all Single Elimination Games were held at Folsom Field.  There were 12 different divisions separated out by grade division and team record.  Thank you to all of our coaches and teams that participated in this great event!!

1st Grade & Under - Red Division

1st Place: Commere City 49ers            2nd Place: Thornton Eagles

3rd Place: Littleton Chargers; 4th Place: Castle Rock Broncos; 5th Place: Thorton 49ers; 6th Place: Cherry Creek Bucs  7th Place: Broomfield Bills; 8th Place: Brighton Falcons

1st Grade & Under - Black Division

 1st Place: Brighton Bucs                       2nd Place: Castle Rock Little Bengals

3rd Place: Cherry Creek Redskins; 4th Place: Broomfield Raiders; 5th Place: Bengals; 6th Place: Littleton Elite; 7th Place: Thornton Raiders; 8th Place:Lake wood Bills 9th place: Denver South Ravens; 10th Place: Broomfield Cowboys

2nd/3rd Grade - Gold A Division

1st Place: Denver Central Saints                                   2nd Place: Twin Peaks 49ers


3rd Place: Chery Creek Dolphins; 4th Place: Colorado Springs Bears; 5th Place: Broomfield Falcons; 6th Place: Voulder Cowboys; 7th Place: Stapleton Seahawks; 8th Place: Denver South Bucs; 9th Place: Broomfield Patriots; 10th Place: Aurora Eagles; 11th Place: Thornton Jaguars; 12th Place: Outlaws

2nd/3rd Grade - Gold B Division

1st Place: Cherry Creek Cowboys                           2nd Place: Broomfield Broncos

3rd Place: Commerce City Eagles; 4th Place: Thornton Giants; 5th place: Commerce City Chiefs; 6th place: Denver North Browns; 7th Place: Highlands Ranch Giants; 8th Place: Stapleton Eagles; 9th Place: Lakewood Redskins; 10th Place: Denver North Lions; 11th Place: Littleton Bills; 12th Place: Greeley Chargers

2nd/3rd Grade - Silver Division

1st Place: Denver Central Seahawks                               2nd Place: Boulder Saints 

3rd Place: Thornton Panthers; 4th Place: Castle Rock Bengals; 5th Place: Thornton Browns; 6th Place: Littleton Seahawks; 7th Place: Thornton Bears; 8th Place: Denver Central Rams; 9th Place: Broomfield Titans; 10th Place Aurora Seahawks

2nd/3rd Grade - Bronze Division

1st Place: Littleton Ravens                            2nd Place: Highlands Ranch Vikings 

3rd Place: Commerce City Seahawks; 4th place; Boulder Jets; 5th Place: Boulder Chiefs; 6th Place: Thornton Broncos; 7th Place: Lakewood Chiefs; 8th Place: Colorado Spring Chargers; 9th Place: Lakewood Lions; 10th Place: Boulder Seahawks; 11th Place: Broomfield Lions; 12th Place: Broomfield Vikings

4th/5th Grade - Gold Division

1st Place: Twin Peaks Cardinals  

2nd place (not pictured): Highlands Ranch Cardinals

3rd Place: Denver North 49ers; 4th Place: Broomfield Saints; 5th Place: Solar Whole Sale Bengals; 6th Place: Cherry Creek Rams; 7th Place: Thornton Rams; 8th Place: Broomfield Bears

4th/5th Grade - Silver Division

1st Place: Boulder Bills

2nd Place (not pictured): Stapleton Vikings
3rd Place: Thornton Seahawks; 4th Place: Lakewood Eagles; 5th Place: Aurora Bears; 6th Place: Broomfield Steelers; 7th Place: Broomfield Bucs; 8th Place: Aurora Steelers; 9th Place: Boulder Bucs; 10th Place: Lakewood Bears

4th/5th Grade - Bronze Division

1st Place: Smart City Texans                               2nd Place: Boulder Steelers

3rd Place: Thornton Chargers: 4th Place: Denver North Colts; 5th Place: Broomfield Packers; 6th Place: Broomfield Falcons; 7th Place: Boulder Titans; 8th Place: Thornton Cowboys

4th/5th/6th Grade Division

1st Place: Ryan Hawks (not pictured), 2nd Place: Stapleton Bengals (not pictured)

3rd Place: Colorado Springs Dolphins; 4th Place: Castle Rock Browns; 5th Place: Highland Ranch Bucs; 6th Place: Commerce City Dolphins; 7th Place: Greeley Bucs; 8th Place: Highlands Ranch Panthers

6th/7th/8th Grade - Gold Division

1st Place: Denver North Chiefs (not pictured), 2nd Place: Boulder Packers (not pictured)

3rd Place: Castle Rock Colts; 4th Place: Denver South Panthers; 5th Place: Comfort Dental of Firestone; 6th Place: Aurora Ravens; 7th Place: Broomfield Giants

6th/7th/8th Grade - Silver Division

1st Place: Broomfield Texans (not pictured)           2nd place: Denver North Patriots

3rd Place: Boulder Texans; 4th Place: Bolton Racing and Services; 5th Place: Boulder Patriots; 6th Place: Cherry Creek Titans; 7th Place: Cherry Creek Steelers; 8th Place: Broomfield Browns

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