2018 Fall Battle in the Rockies Tournament

118Teams participated in the 2018 Spring Battle in the Rockies Tournament at Aurora Sports Park on November 17th/18th, 2018.  There were 16 different divisions separated into NFF Only & OPEN Divisions. 

Thank you to all of our coaches and teams that participated in this great event!!

NFF Results

NFF Divisions

3rd Grade Gold Division
1st Place: Denver South Packers
2nd Place: Commerce City Bengals

3rd-Lakewood Jets, 4th-Arvada Cowboys, 5th-Ravens Gang, 6th-Cherry Creek Steelers,7th-Cheifs, 8th-Rams

3rd Grade Silver Division
1st Place: Broncos
2nd Place: Littleton Cardinals
3rd Place-Broomfield Eagles, 4th-Panthers, 5th-Denver Central Bills, 6th-Reunion Lions, 7th-Stapleton Bills, 8th-Shula Patriots

3rd Grade Bronze Division

1st Place: Patriots
2nd Place: Broomfield Vikings

3rd Place-Denver South Packers, 4th-Jaguars, 5th-Arvada Patriots
6th-Aurora Jags, 7th-Texans, 8th-Shula Bills 

5th Grade Gold Division
1st Place: Castle Rock Bills
2nd Place: Aurora Broncos

3rd Place-Boulder Raiders, 4th-Panthers, 5th-Stapleton Falcons, 6th-Lakewood Falcons, 7th-Broomfield Rams, 8th-Cherry Creek Broncos

5th Grade Silver Division
1st Place: Buccaneers
2nd Place: Commerce City Eagles

3rd Place-Commerce City Raiders, 4th-Stapleton Titans, 5th-Broomfield Jets, 6th-New York Jets

5th Grade Bronze Division
1st Place: Stapleton Saints
2nd Place: Castle Rock Bears

3rd Place-Broomfield Lions, 4th-Broomfield Giants, 5th-Thornton Jets, 6th-Westminster Cardinals

6th Grade Division
1st Place: Littleton Packers
2nd Place: Drexler Bears

3rd Place-Boulder Bengals, 4th-Highlands Ranch, 5th-Commerce City Saints 
6th-Titans, 7th-Thornton Cowboys, 8th-Arvada Giants, 9th-Little Squatches

OPEN Results

OPEN Divisions

1st Place: Eaton Cheifs
2nd Place: Colorado Avengers
3rd-Fort Collins Broncos, 4th-Reunion Steelers, 5th-Chiefs Allstars

1st Place: Windsor Jets
2nd Place: SC Elite Mackey
3rd-Cherry Creek Cowboys, 4th-North Metro Jags, 5th-NM Nukes, 6th-Windsor Eagles, 7th-Eaton Lil Reds

1st Place: Fort Collins Giants
2nd Place: Eaton Titans
3rd-Arizona BKU, 4th-Boulder Jets, 5th-Castle Rockstars, 6th-Saints,7th-Broomfield Steelers, 8th-Jaguars


1st Place: SC Mackey Elite
2nd Place: Cherry Creek Dolphins
3rd-Vikings, 4th-The Griff, 5th-NM Nukes, 6th-Lightning Colts

1st Place: All Out
2nd Place: Windsor Bills
3rd-Team IMPACT, 4th-No Fly Zone, 5th-Commerce City Texans, 6th-Colorado Cutthroats, 7th-Castle Rockstars, 8th-Loveland Falcons, 9th-Evergreen Chargers

1st Place: Fort Collins Crushers
2nd Place: Steelers
3rd Place-Longmont Broncos, 4th-Boulder Steelers, 5th-Giants, 6th-Warriors, 7th-Rhinos, 8th-Lapham Law, 9th-Boulder Bills, 10th-Raiders

1st Place: NINJAS
2nd Place: Team IMPACT
3rd Place-Giants COLEHOUR, 4th-Cardinals, 5th-Longmont Broncos, 6th-Boulder Cardinals, 7th-Broncos

1st Place: Highlands Ranch Cardinals
2nd Place: NM Nukes
3rd Place-Smart City Rams, 4th-Slavens Storm, 5th-Packers, 6th-Redskins, 7th-Broomfield Giants, 8th-Lakewood Rams

1st Place: Suburban Utopia
2nd Place: Longmont Panthers
3rd Place- Steelcon No Fly Zone, 4th-Denver Saints

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